What about my independence ?

With a home stay, you live with a French family but you remain independent. You have a private room, your own key and may come and go as you wish. Your relationship will be yours to create. You may live as respectful roommates or form friendship that last a lifetime.

Can I select my host family ?

Matching students and host families is our specialty.  Since housing is arranged before you arrive, rely on us to select a suitable host family from our extensive list of families, after we have discussed our home stay options with you.  And though we do not show you photos, so that we may ensure the privacy of our host families, we do take into account your specific needs so that together, we can select a suitable host family for you.

How far will I be from school ?

We select the host family according to the school or university you will be attending while in Paris.  All residences are located in central Paris and close to a metro station.  Your transportation time will be anywhere from 10 to 25 minutes.  Paris is not a large city and our metro and bus networks are far-reaching.  And many of our students use 'Velib', a free bicycle renting service located at various pick up/drop off stations in the city.


I’m an exchange student. Is a home stay suited to me ?

A home stay can also be a valuable solution for students involved in exchange programs.  Learning French need not be an objective.  Our home stays offer uncomplicated solutions to students coming to Paris for a single school term or year long stays.  Renting an apartment can be complicated and expensive; our home stay options can ease your transition to a new environment.  We take care of finding approved housing and our different home stay options can fulfill your particular needs.  You can opt for amenities, like laundry service and meals, or a room only arrangement.  And often, families at home are reassured knowing you are not alone.


What about my safety ?

Paris is generally a safe city, but we understand that safety is a concern when staying abroad.  We take care to select families living in the more safe neighborhoods.  And we are in constant contact with our families and students and we are available 24 hours in case of emergency. Your host family is as well.  We do recommend, however, that for your own safety, you keep your host family aware of your comings and goings.  If you're planning to stay out over night or go away for a weekend, it is in your best interests to inform your host family.


Can I change my dates?

Yes, provided you give us adequate notice.  Inform us immediately of any changes to your itinerary and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.  We understand that arrival dates are dependent on visa approval and often travel arrangements follow.  Or that departure plans are dependent on your school's particular year end dates. As long as we are given advanced notice, you will not be charged.


Can I extend my stay?

Yes, of course.  There are no additional fees to extend your stay.  Though we generally ask you before we arrange for the next student with your host family, please inform us as soon as possible if you intend to extend your stay.  If your current host family is unavailable, we will find you a new host family at no extra charge.


Can I have visitors?

As a rule, visits are up to the host families' discretion. However, under no circumstances are over night visitors allowed due to obvious privacy, security and insurance reasons.  In some host families, arrangements have been made if a member of a student's family is visiting Paris.  Please be respectful of your hosts and defer to their wishes regarding your possible guests.


Where can I reach you ?

Our office is located in Neuilly sur Seine, but we can be anywhere in Paris that is convenient for you. We daily visit schools and host families. If you should need assistance of any kind, we can come to you anywhere in Paris.



Other questions ?

Go to Contact Us-Questions and feel free to get in touch.  We will respond promptly.